Monday, October 25, 2010

A day of many thoughts

Two contemplations have filled my thoughts today.  Oddly enough both have fit into similar categories and yet are far reachingly different.  The first: if my desires to kill my inlaws ugly boston terrior is ethical or not and if it is ethical how bad would it be moraly.  The next, wether or not I should go into Funeral Sciences for my asscociates degree.  Luckily for the boston, I am leaning towards the fact that it would be wrong to leave rat poisening in the basement and it being her fault if she gets down there since she isn't allowed to be.  Hopefully she becomes less stupid over time.  She is a sweet dog don't get me wrong, just stupid, very very stupid.  And, if you think about it if being stupid was a crime punishable by letting their actions kill themselves and helping the m along the way a vast part of our population would not exist at this time.  So, ugly gets to terrorize another day.
As for my next subject my career has been occupying my thoughts allot with my husband unable to find work and my being sick of being stuck in said basement of in-laws.  I had a offer for a sales job in which I would make 75K a year plus, but I would have to work 60hrs a week away from my daughter and she is too cute for that.  Which is the problem with my career in general, sales requires allot of hours away from home or else you don't make enough to consider it a career, more of just a dead end job at Best Buy - which totally isn't worth spending time on in the prime of ones life in my opinion unless its part time to get through school trade or otherwise.  I am heavily leaning towards going and becoming a funeral director, it would provide a place where I could own my own business, be compassionate, not have terrible hours away from home as I would have my choice of who I hire, and its pretty recession proof.  Dead bodies don't bother me so we are good there, and I see it as a act of service to help families as they celebrate there loved ones life.  Hmmmm.  So, much to think about.  My main apprehension is what if I don't get a internship for the embalming and can't complete my degree, or what if I can't get a job in the area I end up and can't use my degree and have to go back to school and take extra semesters to get the courses I would need for my new field.  Decisions decisions decisions.  Which to make?

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