Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crazy days and Sundays. Aaron got the job offer on Thursday morning, Friday morning we accepted it after hearing back from the hospital that they have a more qualified applicant. By Friday afternoon we had worked out the money logistics to be able to move Thursday - yes this Thursday. Because its a small town the internet is pretty pricey and with Aaron's comp being on its death bed and not able to give him WoW, we are making the logical choice of not getting the internet. We will stay internet free until Aaron can get a droid on his rents plan, which sounds like it may be a couple of months. Either way I am happy. The library is less then a block away, so my escape every so often will be to leave Ellowyn with Aaron and go check my email and give you all a status update now and again. Sadly I don't think that will be very often as Aaron will be salaried and very busy until he gets the hang of things. As it is we couldn't work out the logistics to get both cars down there, so we are down one car and one cell phone. My life will be absolute bliss really. Plenty of clean air - good well water (we found the cutest house with a brand new great tasting well), lots of stuff to do within walking distance on the days with nice weather, and plenty of time to get settled and breath. Its really all coming at a wonderful time. Ellowyn is taking leaps and bounds developmentally and needs allot of time to learn things and learn how to be, to pick up her toys and clean her room. She is also really testing my limits as she whines at everything to see if she can get whatever she wants, so its a perfect time to just concentrate on her and getting her life structured, settled, and disciplined so she doesn't turn out like a spoiled lil girl. I read a article on Chinese parenting and am going to borrow allot of there concepts. I am just so glad that I will be in the place to do so. We have this wonderful little house, our own perfect size yard, and all in a very quiet community. Whats even better is my Mother in law has becoming happy with me since this development and has become fun to shop with, so we went out yesterday and will go again on Monday to get everything for the house. So awesome to be able to make a home and get all the cool little things like wrought iron looking shelves for the bathroom, matching towels, little girl bedding, and all the other little things that make a home. My next stop will be hitting up the antique actions and Amish stores for furniture!!!! It will be so grand like my own little cottage in the woods (tree's everywhere there which is a plus).
I will try to post a bit more but if you don't hear from me in awhile at least you know the glorious adventures I will be up too.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Life has been all abuzz lately. I had a really bad dream last night that through me off today, Ellowyn has been under the weather and yet still growing and active (just crashes really really really hard), and Aaron had a very successful interview yesterday with a hospital in middle of no-where New England, and one tomorrow in Sturgis with the boss' boss. Its really crazy too be done with his Thesis but having to make all these decisions as to which to pursue. Aaron is one of four people chosen to interview for two positions and his interview went really well so we expect another, and this looks like the final interview in Sturgis and they seem really interested as well. Crazy crazy crazy. I wish I knew anything about what its like in New England except for cold, and wish even more he had gotten a interview someplace warmer. Ah well, such is life. Hopefully little one gives me some sleep tonight, and even more hopefully I don' t have another crazy bad dream. At least it looks like limbo is ending soon, even though it will probably end in New England (they are offering 70K starting and the other is 50K starting, even though New England is more expensive the extra pay definitely makes up for it).

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Its crazy the rush of cleaning that happens after the holidays. One thing I know for sure, if we have a tree or holiday celebrations, then it will be Aaron's doing because I sure as heck won't waste part of my life. I don't get warm fuzzy's I get the heebie jeebies (anxiety) at the thought of all the work that goes into it for no real good reason, when I see the Christmas tree. On another note going with out the cell phone has been pretty blissful. I love not having a electronic tether. The only downside is not having a watch handy. The upside is that when we do have the extra cash for a watch they will be really cheap because hardly anyone wears them anymore, not that I would wear one (never did get used to having something so bulky on my wrist), but my bag will (love the old fashion ones on chains).

I called the Bishop over the congregation over the city Aaron has been interviewing in and learned allot of cool stuff and got help finding housing. So nice to have support wherever we go. I look forward to Wednesday afternoon after the interview and finding out how it went. I so hope he gets and decides to accept the job. They have extremely cheap u pick Amish farms, and a flee market in Amish town - either of which are freakin awesome! I mean just the thought of all the yummy cheap goodness and awesome cheap second hand stuff that will be really sturdy and cool rustic looking - I think I am in love. I just may have to visit these u picks and this flee market whether or not he gets the job.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Just before bed Joy left us a present which set the mood for today. Aaron went to kick her off of our bed so she would go outside, and she peed on her way off, yes that is right my pillows and blanket gone. My other pillow is in the wash, so we had to improvise which didn't improve my sleep, that combined with Ellowyn constantly waking up because she was cold and I got no sleep. So today was mainly a sleepy bored daise. I was out of my mind with boredom, and couldn't do the only thing I had to do - clean - because I was too sleepy to clean while taking care of Ellowyn (its allot harder then it sounds because she wants to help, and be chased allot while I clean). We did have the Missionaries come over, thank heaven (literally). It was such a nice end to the evening to have someone to talk too, hang out with, discuss life and its blessings and how to get through the hard times best. It was sooo nice. Right after they left Ellowyn had it so it was a easy hour of playing with her and getting her ready for bed and then she was out like a light. Sighs, so nice to be at the end of the day. I just wish Aaron was ready for bed too, so much better when he is there because he keeps it nice and warm, and snuggly. Sadly he is still on WoW cuz he isn't tired yet.

As for me I am just anxious nervous about going with Aaron on Wednesday to check out housing. We both really feel like he is going to get a job offer and so I need to figure out where we are going to live if/when it does come. I have never been there but I have been to a small town near it so it should be fun. I just don't know how we are going to juggle a 3hr drive with Ellowyn strapped in too her car seat without anyone going insane, twice in one day. Especially with the end of her car seat ride ending with me trying to find someplace for us to chill while Aaron goes for his interview, my first though it is the library but I am afraid of it smelling bad and all musty like some libraries do...hmmm. I don't know I just know it will be quiet the adventure.