Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crazy days and Sundays. Aaron got the job offer on Thursday morning, Friday morning we accepted it after hearing back from the hospital that they have a more qualified applicant. By Friday afternoon we had worked out the money logistics to be able to move Thursday - yes this Thursday. Because its a small town the internet is pretty pricey and with Aaron's comp being on its death bed and not able to give him WoW, we are making the logical choice of not getting the internet. We will stay internet free until Aaron can get a droid on his rents plan, which sounds like it may be a couple of months. Either way I am happy. The library is less then a block away, so my escape every so often will be to leave Ellowyn with Aaron and go check my email and give you all a status update now and again. Sadly I don't think that will be very often as Aaron will be salaried and very busy until he gets the hang of things. As it is we couldn't work out the logistics to get both cars down there, so we are down one car and one cell phone. My life will be absolute bliss really. Plenty of clean air - good well water (we found the cutest house with a brand new great tasting well), lots of stuff to do within walking distance on the days with nice weather, and plenty of time to get settled and breath. Its really all coming at a wonderful time. Ellowyn is taking leaps and bounds developmentally and needs allot of time to learn things and learn how to be, to pick up her toys and clean her room. She is also really testing my limits as she whines at everything to see if she can get whatever she wants, so its a perfect time to just concentrate on her and getting her life structured, settled, and disciplined so she doesn't turn out like a spoiled lil girl. I read a article on Chinese parenting and am going to borrow allot of there concepts. I am just so glad that I will be in the place to do so. We have this wonderful little house, our own perfect size yard, and all in a very quiet community. Whats even better is my Mother in law has becoming happy with me since this development and has become fun to shop with, so we went out yesterday and will go again on Monday to get everything for the house. So awesome to be able to make a home and get all the cool little things like wrought iron looking shelves for the bathroom, matching towels, little girl bedding, and all the other little things that make a home. My next stop will be hitting up the antique actions and Amish stores for furniture!!!! It will be so grand like my own little cottage in the woods (tree's everywhere there which is a plus).
I will try to post a bit more but if you don't hear from me in awhile at least you know the glorious adventures I will be up too.

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