Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Life has been all abuzz lately. I had a really bad dream last night that through me off today, Ellowyn has been under the weather and yet still growing and active (just crashes really really really hard), and Aaron had a very successful interview yesterday with a hospital in middle of no-where New England, and one tomorrow in Sturgis with the boss' boss. Its really crazy too be done with his Thesis but having to make all these decisions as to which to pursue. Aaron is one of four people chosen to interview for two positions and his interview went really well so we expect another, and this looks like the final interview in Sturgis and they seem really interested as well. Crazy crazy crazy. I wish I knew anything about what its like in New England except for cold, and wish even more he had gotten a interview someplace warmer. Ah well, such is life. Hopefully little one gives me some sleep tonight, and even more hopefully I don' t have another crazy bad dream. At least it looks like limbo is ending soon, even though it will probably end in New England (they are offering 70K starting and the other is 50K starting, even though New England is more expensive the extra pay definitely makes up for it).

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