Sunday, January 2, 2011

Its crazy the rush of cleaning that happens after the holidays. One thing I know for sure, if we have a tree or holiday celebrations, then it will be Aaron's doing because I sure as heck won't waste part of my life. I don't get warm fuzzy's I get the heebie jeebies (anxiety) at the thought of all the work that goes into it for no real good reason, when I see the Christmas tree. On another note going with out the cell phone has been pretty blissful. I love not having a electronic tether. The only downside is not having a watch handy. The upside is that when we do have the extra cash for a watch they will be really cheap because hardly anyone wears them anymore, not that I would wear one (never did get used to having something so bulky on my wrist), but my bag will (love the old fashion ones on chains).

I called the Bishop over the congregation over the city Aaron has been interviewing in and learned allot of cool stuff and got help finding housing. So nice to have support wherever we go. I look forward to Wednesday afternoon after the interview and finding out how it went. I so hope he gets and decides to accept the job. They have extremely cheap u pick Amish farms, and a flee market in Amish town - either of which are freakin awesome! I mean just the thought of all the yummy cheap goodness and awesome cheap second hand stuff that will be really sturdy and cool rustic looking - I think I am in love. I just may have to visit these u picks and this flee market whether or not he gets the job.

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