Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome to my lunch break. Nice that I get one today. Ellowyn slept 10hrs striaght last night and then went down for a nap at noon, she is still fast alseep. Its so nice that I get a break.
Nothing much new lately. Just getting everything done I need to for school: fasfa in, transcripts ordered classes looked at. The main thing occupying my spare time now is trying to find a caretaker for Ellowyn. I don't need a full time daycare and that makes it hard to find space for her somewhere in this small little tiny town. I've been trying to hold on until the summer but I am getting migrains every other day because of the back strain of taking care of a bigger child (she has just gotten too big) and thats not healthy for either of us. Poor thing is so frusterated and insecure. I hope I can find someone who wants extra work who would be willing to just come over for a couple hours a day and help out with her so I can rest. Its funny how even in this economy its hard finding someone who wants to work for me because its part time, well finding the right kind of person at least. sighs. One of these days it will all work out, even if thats the day she is ready for pre-school. Other then that life has been really good for us here.

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