Saturday, December 3, 2011

I think I may actually start this up again. Now that I found out that the real reason behind all my problems, was that I was eating myself to death. No biggie. Now that I am a vegan its all better. Lets see since my last post I have had three people living with us at different times who all turned out to be losers, but I did my Christian duty and took in the less fortunate so brownies in heaven for me, miscarried twice (yes I was stupid/in love with babies enough to try anyways), bought a house, found out that Elly is a mutant with super speed, and fixed all of our health problems. I have switched future career plans three times due to all the above and realised that I am really just happy being a Mom. As long as its a vegan Mom. I am so blessed that I found the diet that I did. So this is the last post update of life, just thought I should bridge things here. On to bigger and better things. Better health, bigger plans, and a undying possibly unhealthy obsession with the Failure Club on Yahoo.

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