Monday, December 12, 2011


Finals the final frontier. At least for me this is my last semester at a brick and stick college. I should have never started back to school for business and I know that now. I will be glad to be done and on to my studies in holistic health and healing. Its a celebration for me as well as a drag, a celebration of new beginnings and honing in more on my life path/calling. I think to often we get caught up in the drive of life that we forget we have a purpose if we seek it and greater things we could be doing in our limited time on this planet.
So its the best of times and the worst of times. A time of ending and a time of beginning. Now if only I could order take out. Seriously its finals and being a vegan in this town means if I want food I have to cook it myself, and from scratch. mmmm. vegan pizza, or burger, or soup and salad. I might just have to drive an hour and go to Panera :)

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