Sunday, December 4, 2011

I love being a Vegan!

Yes seriously I am loving being Vegan! I grew up in a family that only knew how to cook meat centered meals and got the lecture that if you didn't drink milk you would end up frail and weak like Great Grandma Soph (who was nearing 90 and death). Naturally I did what any good kid would do and ate what was prepared. Problem was it didn't set with me. I had driven past the slaughter houses smelled the stench and heard the death cry of the animals. It was the thing of nightmares the look in their eyes. Why you might ask did it take me another 10 years to become Vegan? Well simply because I didn't know any better. The media and web is so biased to the standard American diet and I had been repeatedly told that I was going to die if I didn't get enough animal protien. I finally got some down time to read the China Study about a month ago and watch Forks Over Knifes. Do yourself a favor a go watch them now. I am in love with the answers I found about why we are such a obese nation and why our cancer/hear disease/mother mortality during birth/diabetes rates are higher then most other industrialised nation. The answer? You guessed it! You are What You Eat! Now if you are a girl go read The Skinny Bitch - wait go get some vegan brownies from the store and then read the Skinny Bitch, your stomach will thank you and so will every body system after about of month of better eating. Better eating full of wonderful alive foods that are thriving and full of colour and not dead rotting carcase from another species of life form.

Health Benefits I have experience:

Depression almost disappearing completely (no other life circumstance changes)

Lower Back Pain Gone

Hormone imbalance balancing out (no more full of hormone meat for me or bad menstruation)

Clearer Mind

Better ability to deal with douches and other stressful situations without getting as stressed out

Angina attacks not happening when I do get stressed out

Ability to trash the Eliptical at 1.2 miles in 15 mins without getting tired and still having a ton of energy in the end

More Energy

Energy boosts after meals - which means I eat more (I had a habit of getting to skinny because I didn't like to eat because I didn't like how tired I felt after eating and who needs to be tired with a two year old)

Happier daughter (which leads to happier Mama)

IBS gone

Secondary Dis-menoreah gone

Did I mention low back pain gone!!!!!!

Better tasting food (I love vegan recipes)

Better life over-all

If you would have told my depressed skinny butt that I would end up having all of my health problems dissapear in a month I would have laughed at you. I have been to doctors of the traditional and non - traditional and gone to nutrition counselling. I have been to physically therapists, psychologists, cardiologists, and pretty much every other ologist out there - md's do's, dc's Nothing worked. But This Works! I feel so alive and wonderful! I love that I am what I eat and I eat wonderful living foods that are yummy and I feel wonderful and alive!

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