Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ah, today I have fully realized my new obsession. Aaron thinks I am crazy for having obessions, and I think he is crazy to think that I can go through life without them. Really if I don't have something to apply my mind to it is going to become mush. I am a natural Mom, totally connect with my daughter and she is coming up on milestones earlier then normal so no need to read up there, so what else am I going to do with my brain? So, these little obessions give me something to plug into, think about, analyze, and hopefully benefit from :) So, my latest obession is the small house movement, as you may have guessed from last night :) Totally in love with the idea of being able to design my own home, twice! That and being able to keep the little one as a in-laws cabin will be great for both me and the in-laws when they come to visit to see the babies. I like babies I have decided, fully used to the no sleep and want as many as I can afford and handle health wise, so if I can get my back fixed and make it rich watch out world! I figure it only helps with any future world domination plans, j/k.
More later, little one needs to go to bed. I thought I had more time, but then again I didn't look at the clock before I sat to write. I am just finishing up the last few minutes of reprieve that my Mother in law offered by taking the baby. These breaks are few and far in-between, so I definitely lived it up! Lol, with being a tired Mom (we all have colds, yuck) that meant actually getting to watch tv and use the computer un-interupted.

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