Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sorry to be so neglectful lately. I have one minor problem you see, its called sleep - or lack there of. I normally write in here during nap time or after she goes to sleep, but I have been falling asleep with her as of late. You know its starting to get too me, this whole lack of sleep thing. Its been over a year and a half since I had a full 8hrs in a row. I've been lucky and gotten six on occasion, but not 8. I wonder if there are any sleep deprivation studies I can volunteer for, maybe even a paying one. I have thought many times about volunteering for medical studies that offer incentives, but that whole breast feeding thing kinda puts a slight strain on that thought.

On a brighter note little one is picking up words like no tomorrow now. Last night the dogs where crowding her while she ate, and I told them to back off - she then walks towards them and says "HEY Sit!", clear as day! Lol! Her first phrase isn't something cute or cuddly, nope its "Hey Sit!", lol so my child! Today she was sleepy early and wanting a nap, so when I told her to say night night to Grandma, she waves bye bye and says "nap". This is surely a child who know what she wants!! Won't kiss anyone (I have only gotten two kisses), will only snuggle when tired, but boy oh boy when she doesn't think you are getting it she will tell you what she wants! I so look forward to taking her to bookstores this week (every day after nap time) until I find the flash card book I am looking for. She could care less about stories now (stopped wanting them after she started crawling), she wants something that does something or where she learns something, so I hope some short stories with real pictures and a flash card book will do the trick. After all when she gets bored, she gets cranky! This child isn't one to want to be sat infront of a tv or other entertainment, she wants action (chase her), learning (teach her how to count), or something that does something (is in love with this Frankenstien doll that dances while it sings "Monster Mash").

We had a bit of a celebration last night, Aaron finished his thesis and sent it in to his professor for a final review before submital! Its kind of funny but that happening made him relax so much more. He was acting allot like his old self this weekend, but after finishing his thesis he was totally even more like his old self! He took the baby without complaint and played with her for hours while she squealed and laughed. She loved it so much that at bed time instead of wanting Mama she called for her Daddy and flirted with him (sand Daddy, Da da da da da, called for him - anything she could say to call him to play with her), until he gave in. This happened about three times before she ended up in our bed playing with Aaron until she fell asleep in his arms :) Only to stir and want her bed which upon reaching she pretty quickly fell back to sleep. :) It was amazing being warm again before I fell asleep because I was able to stay under covers for once. sighs, if only I could be warm every night, or all the time even.

Found something interesting online today. Couchsurfing.org. Totally made me wish I was 22 again, and able to travel. I did get to see allot of places, but would have been able to see so much more with a service like that. It is so awesome the things we can enjoy thanks to the internet.

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