Sunday, November 21, 2010

Writing last not was just not going to happen. Lets just say that my day came to a close with Ellowyn showing us that she wasn't feeling well.

I spent a good deal of time yesterday trying to come up with a way to effectively deal with the two face people in life, as I am especially irritated that I have to deal with one regularly. I thought of all the possibilities morally just and otherwise as I wasn't plotting as much as I was trying to figure out what would truly make the most miserable in exchange for them trying to make others miserable and having amazingly huge egos. I realized after much thought that the best way to deal with them is simply following the golden rule which has been around for centuries. When I explained why to the missionaries who came over last night they where like "what do you know God was right, who would have thought", lol. Really though think about it. Two facers are completely bent on manipulating and getting there way, they think they are above everyone else and if they are manipulated in anyway they just either blame it on a life circumstance (like I would have saw that coming if:___) or take it as a challenge to try even harder to manipulate to prove their superiority. I find them to be some of the most despicable people on the planet as they are neither bad no good but both at different times and always try to paint themselves as good even though mostly they are not. So, why then is the golden rule the best way? Because no manipulator see's themselves as truly bad, just making the world a better place by controlling it to what they see as best, and asserting themselves in every way as alpha. So, by ignoring their tricks and just being the best person one can be when they are around not only can they not manipulate you and you end up being a weird constant that will drive them insane by not being controlable, but you will also be shining this great big light of goodness that will be such a contrast to the darkness a two facer brings that they will have to see (even if they refuse to acknowledge it) for at least a moment how dark they are, then they will have that short thought about being bad, and if they have those thoughts enough it will start to unravel them. For instance I know one that constantly complains about dinner and the house being out of order, and then tries to plant thoughts in peoples heads that I am crazy while hunnying up to me to make me think he is my best friend. So, I avoid him so he can't get any thoughts that he is close to me and knows I am on to his game. I always compliment on dinner, thanks and speak out every time he criticizes - for two reasons so he looks like a butt and has to see that he does to everyone else too, and even if that fails and he thinks he can paint me as a kiss up then he still will have lost control of the mood of the table. I keep the house to my order and am constantly loving and cheerful enough to the other residents that he gains no win in getting his order and his trying to paint me as a crazy loses its hold as I will be acting in a constant caring manor to everyone. This way he loses control while I do not lose any credibility and have no bad karma coming to bite me later. I really strongly dislike this specific individual but in the end he will not change his ways, and this way he has to realize that he isn't good - even if for a moment and that will be able to haunt him during his low moments for the rest of his life, and that is better then any act of outward hate (like putting dog food in his car wet so it smells like dog, or laxatives in his food). As much fun as it might have been to mess with him in other ways, I would rather haunt him for the rest of his life. You may think this is a horribly synical reason to follow the golden rule and do unto others as I want done to myself - but it has a positive side effect in that it will bring light to a very bad situation. Don't worry I will pray for him too. I don't want anyone to live the miserable lonely life he is setting himself up for and would rather that he change, and so I will do my best to help him change :)

As for today its just been a day of taking care of a sick child and finishing moving in. By the time I am done there won't be a thing out of place, thankfully, and I will finally have the spotless kind of place that looks slightly lived in that I like to have. After a day like today (both Ellowyn and Aaron being extremely grumpy, feeling under the weather myself but still having to clean thanks to fricken thanksgiving - dislike holidays), I definitely deserve every calorie of the humongous brownie ice cream sundae I am about to go make. The best legal high ever is a sugar buzz after all :)

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