Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today was a day of good news. I got a email back from Sister (mrs.) Pollock, Sister (missionary) Pollocks Mom and she is totally going to give me the hook up! She knows two funeral directors and will give me their phone numbers. I am way excited. She thinks they will be more then happy to talk to me! Yay for connections! I found out last night that I should be able to start going to St. Petersburg College (they offer classes online for Funeral Sciences and are a normal community college in FL) in January and all the courses I need, including pre-reqs are offered online. Woot woot.

On another note I have come to a new pondering. Kinda weird, but bathrooms. Seriously why is the men's room gross. I used one today (single stall in Trader Joes) and it was like puke ville compared to the women's. My question is 'Do men really not care about bathroom cleanliness or have they been expected not to care to stores don't have to clean as much, or are they really naturally that much dirty, or are they programmed to not care due to what society says, or do they really just not notice?'. I mean really I could understand a little dirtier, but it was totally unkept even as far as repair. Weird. I mean really weird.

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