Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just a quick post. I am stealing time away from getting ready to go see friends we never get to see, well Aaron's friend. The holidays will do that too you, biggest time sucking waste of time. Sorry, guess I should have warned you first that I really don't like the holidays.

Just a few intestesting stories. First I had a nice success Monday. Went shopping and found a pair of pants that fit perfectly, the best part - they are a size 4! woot woot! Now if only this wasn't achieved due to large amounts of stress, which leads to not eating, and a one year old to chase after. :/ Bitter sweet.

I have been having weird dreams lately. Night before last I was in a different reality and ended up starting to go after a Chinese guy that looked just like Aaron after my fiance cheated on me with my best friend and I caught them. Kinda wonder if life would have been like that if I had gone to a university like I did in the dream. Last night I kept on getting stuck in airports but never being able to get to my plane while Aaron keep leaving me behind because I couldn't get there. This is my restless soul dream, totally makes me crave flying. Wish to heaven that the airlines weren't so corrupt and that I would have been paid enough as a flight attendant to survive so I could have kept that job. I would have had a nice line by now (line = guaranteed schedule). Makes me miss flying terribly. I actually started thinking about trying to find someone to sponsor me taking lessons in exchange for a contract, or a scholarship for a minority (not many females pilots), so I can fly freight like I dreamed I would for many many years. Who knows, maybe it will happen someday. If only the price of gas wasn't so high, then I would be able to afford to pay for that part of the lessons (which fasfa doesn't cover). I just need to meet the right people.

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