Thursday, November 11, 2010

Starting Friday I will start a brave new adventure - going without a cell phone for the first time since I was 18 (when I started working and could pay for one), pretty intense I know. I will have a phone on me that will call 911 so I figure I am pretty set. People are shocked when they here, even older people. Its really been a testimate to how easily technology becomes "nessesary" when really it isn't. I had to laugh at a 50yr old today when she asked "how can you go without a cell phone" and I was like "I don't know probably the same way you did when you where my age", lol. I mean seriously with a cute baby like mine I have very little trouble (as I have proven many times) finding a nice old person and asking if they knew where the pay phone is so I can call my husband, they always say there isn't one nearby and hand me there cell while they talk to my toddler. Problem solved in my mind. I am actually looking forward to it, to proving that it can be done. It was my choice to do this, I was like hmmm... $50 a month more to pay down our credit card and be able to get some clothes and toys for myself and the baby, or a cell phone no one ever calls me on - clothes. See very simple, clothes that you need or a cell phone you can do without. No brainer really. Besides I hate being on a contract, locked in on the grid collectors calling me for the medical bills from the accident. Having a cell phone creates this sense of responsibilty I've found, feeling like I have to check for calls, call my husband to let him know when I'll be home (even though he could care less because I am never out for long while he is home), having to txt friends to keep in touch, having to call someone if I get lost instead of figuring it out. All the while I have this black box strapped to my side emitting radio waves that mess with my concentration. I am a nature person by nature and I find it hard to concentrate with a cell phone. I had my phone die on me a few times this week and I found when it was off it was like a relief, I could exercise my ability to feel nature better and meditate while concious easier. I wonder what it would have been like if all the car rides I spent talking to my friend I would have spent thinking and called while I was making dinner or cleaning instead. How much more would I have been able to exercise my mind and soul? Would my perceptions be clearer?
I think so, but I will let you know. Cell phone turns off Saturday.

Other then that I had a kick butt dream the other night, well several but I only have time to speak of one. I was at High School (I never went myself), and was dressed well had several friends when my Mom showed up (not my real Mom) who was very worldly - dressed to the nines hanging on some guy - and gave me a gorgeous gown to wear. We all go outside to find this famous rock star setting up to play (think Aerosmith but young), I walk right up to the lead singer who is shuffling papers and find song names on them. So, I help him pick the songs and he is flattered by my compliments and intrigued by the feelings I describe having while listening and images that come to my head (Caribbean dreams was one). My friends are in awe, my best friend, my best guy friend, my brother in law (which I knew as my future brother in law in the dream but in actuality is my brother in law in life), and my Mom all come up and start talking to us. Then all of a sudden my brother in law says "oh my gawd this is the best dream ever!!!" We all laugh and are like "yeah best dream ever", then we all high five him - put our hands in a pile and pull them upward saying "best dream ever", and then the dream ended. I told my MIL and husband, they laughed and husband will tell brother in law - I wonder what he will say. Lol, like seriously there are many times when I have had dreams like that with people in them that I know in life and then the person I know points out its a dream and then I come to a realization it is. I have often wondered if by some fluke there sub-conscious joined on the same wave length as mine and if they had the same kind of dream. I guess I should have asked, but I haven't. I doubt it with brother in law, like seriously he is 18.
Time is up. I would just like to end by saying - I love you Teom. :)

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  1. That is fantastic!!! I have often left my cell phone at home when I go out, figuring that I don't need to call anyone, and if somebody is trying to get in touch with me they can just leave a message and I'll get back to them eventually. Isn't that what voice mail is for anyway? Some of my friends are shocked at even that, so I'm sure you are getting even more surprise from people. Good for you.