Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sighs. Thanksgiving. I actually had a few things to be grateful for. We spend all of Wednesday at Aaron's friends house. This friend has a awesome girlfriend with a great little six year old and some of the best parents I have ever met. It was like a breath of fresh air to just be able to hang out, eat a good meal without having to chase Ellowyn, and get honest candid advice from an older couple who I could tell really cared about us. Ellowyn also loved having so much attention, and Paula read her stories, and Noah (the other kid) to watch and follow. It was so lovely. Then we got home and the stress of the holidays hit, I mean seriously give me a break! So I hid in the basement for the rest of the night watching Astro Boy (great movie). Thanksgiving itself was pretty depressing. We spend Friday night at the same friends house. Aaron went to the lan Halo Reach party in the basement and I blissfully settled into watching happy feet while Elllowyn wandered about, played with the tupper ware, chased the cats, played with the cats with Paula (the mom), was read stories by Paula, and played with by John (the Dad). It was soooo nice, no stress total chilaxing. If only I could come up with reasons to go over there often, sadly the friend goes back to school today. As it is I am grateful for the break.

I do have a new fasination though. We got Netflix working on the wii and found that Ellowyn will not let me watch more then a few minutes at a time, so watching movies on it was out (astro boy ended up being a constant battle of keeping her entertained). So, of nessesity I had to find a tv show to watch. I ended up deciding upon 17 and counting, the first season of the Duggard family show. I am totally hooked. For being someone who is against the reality tv craze I am humbled to say that I am honestly grateful for this show. I do not have a great example to follow, and so to be able to see a good family who did homeschooling the right way with good values and peace and harmony and how they live there lives is really wonderful. I just hope Netflix has 7th Heaven, because for some reason watching shows about good family makes me happy. Its like a drug, something to make me feel better and tell me that I too can have a happy family and give me some pointers to help. Its like this big banner that says "you too can have a good family - even if yours had problems". Its funny because I didn't even know how much I needed this until after I started watching it. Its funny how sometimes you don't even know what is stressing you out entirely until you find solutions. I was able to be so much happier and carefree with Ellowyn and she totally loved it, I guess I just needed that hope. That hope that says that everything can work out and that little glimpse of what life can be like when lived properly.

One last little note about going cell phone less. Verizon wouldn't let me shut mine off before the beginning of the next billing cycle. So, it shuts off on the 13th of December. I don't think I will miss it. I already have pretty much stopped using it and don't even know where it is half of the time.

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