Friday, November 19, 2010

No the little one didn't stay up late, she fell asleep at 8:20pm, yes I shouldn't have stayed up to watch the newest Star Trek movie. In all seriousness though, I really really liked the movie. It is now resting in its place amongst my beloved Star Trek movies. I hadn't seen it for fear that it would tarnish my fondness for good ol James T Kirk movies and Spock, and am glad to report the contrary. Reminds me that I need to que up Dr. Who on Netflix, and get Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (book) from the library. All these things that I will enjoy doing once life settles down - do I hear laughing? Oh you don't believe that my life will ever settle down? Well you are probably right. The problem being I have always been busy or pushing myself to achieve something and wonder if I can do anything different then what I know. Point in case, I am going back to school instead of being solely a stay at home Mom, and infact only did that without working with no moving involved for just a few short months. You see I believe in bettering myself continually, thank God Aaron is a goof ball (literally Thank You God), otherwise I don't know if my natural tenancy to push myself to succeed and strive to great heights would have killed me yet, or at least given me more gray hairs (I only have two, yes you can be jealous if you have more) - and seeing as how I cannot dye my hair due to my chlorine sensitivity I can't have any of those.

Today was actually a pretty darn good day. Ellowyn actually slept last night, 7.5hrs in a row and then another 4 leaving me with a 6 hr stretch I haven't seen in awhile. I felt like a new person having actually gotten sleep. I tried to ruff house with her all morning, but she was more intent on being curious and figuring things out. I did get some laughs and chases, but could only capture her attention for long if I had something to show her how to do. We went shopping in which she acted like the queen of the store, appropriately seeing as how people did end up treating her like she was - so why would she think different. Waving to everyone from the cart like it was her carriage after she had careful surveyed her kingdom. I found the books I was looking for at the dollar store which was also a awesome find. Almost as awesome that Aaron's thesis cleared his adviser and as long as the science prof gives her all clear (it was already checked by a physics major so I don't see it not clearing), then Aaron will be done with his thesis!!! yay!!! Tomorrow he gets to write the rest of a 10page paper and then his undergrad career is over! Woot!!

I did of course save the best story of the day for last. While watching the movie Aaron cuddled Joy per normal (he always cuddles her while watching a movie if I am otherwise occupied), and after playing with Ellowyn for awhile I went over and sat on Aaron (more or less half laid on him so I didn't disturb the dog, heaven knows she's been through enough lately she deserved to relax). It took less then a minute for Ellowyn to follow and want up on my lap to get to the doggy. She starts gently petting Joy while Joy quietly growls at her - its like there ritual that normally then escelates to hard hit like petting and Joy. This time was different, after Ellowyn gentle pets her for a moment she tenderly leaves one hand on the side of Joy's head, leans in, and gently kisses her on the side of the nose. Joy looks startled and then lovingly looks at Ellowyn and kisses her on the lips, (everyone was looking at the baby at this point after Aaron exclaimed that she kissed Joy) to which Ellowyn then again gently leans in and kisses the dog right on the lips. It was perfect like she had kissed hundreds of times when in reality I have only gotten two and Aaron only one and that is all she has ever given before. My Mother in law cries out in shock and says "what about me?" (she has yet to get one), Ellowyn is sitting there laughing now while the rooms gazes turn back to the screen because something pivotal is happening when I hear another kiss and see Ellowyn bend down and kiss Joy a third time on the side of the neck. Did I mention that Joy is a dog? The dog has now gotten as many kisses as the rest of us combined, and Ellowyn proved (and found it funny aparently to do so) that she does not only know how to kiss but also understands the concept and withholds them purposely for her own reasons. I have the best little girl! That was the most amazing way to prove a point, make a show, and have everything clear without using a single word. I wonder what she thinks of her Grandma when Grandma would make a show begging for a kiss as if Ellowyn didn't understand what she was asking, I wonder if Ellowyn was like "wow, that's stupid" or "wow good effort but no". Probably none of the above. I wonder if she even thinks in words yet or just concepts and feelings. I must believe its concepts and feelings because she is still asking for words for things. She is totally my child :) I am just glad that I innately knew she knew how to kiss and would just ask for them not beg :) She did give me one when I was really sad once, and the first time was during a outpouring of love from me. Such a wonderful little wonder.

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