Friday, November 12, 2010

Yes I know its late. I took a journey today that resulted in 3 hrs 20 min of driving, and coming home late so the baby could sleep on the way. Then joy of all joys after I get home, get her showered. me showered, her fed and put to sleep, myself fed, and finally am totally ready to curl into bed at 1am I walk into my room full of anticipation only to find it reeks to high heaven. sighs. So, now I take my viligance by the door waiting for it to air out after having located and removed the smell. Again being in the basement I can't just leave my door open because there are no blinds on some of the window, and we would end up being blinded by the sun streaming into our room bright and early! So, rather then forfeit several hours of sleep by being woken up early I get to sacrifice more like 30min so the room can air out, air cleaner can run, and my lil one can sleep safe tonight. She is my main concern of course. She is growing and starting to teeth hard core, which only make me all the more concerned for her complete comfort and sleep. She already started to have bad problems today with pain, poor dear. Getting new teeth in never was fun. It was really cute how she used them to do something she couldn't have done before today. I asked that she be given a apple, and instead of slices like I expected she got a whole apple. So she proceeded to bite it, grin out of the pleasure of the tangy taste and juice running down her chubby wonderful chin and then throw it. She squealed and ran after it throwing it again and again like it was a edible ball that tasted like candy. She ended up going through four apples all in all, biting it until it wasn't clean from the floor and had to be replaced. Too cute. oy veh driving long distances is not for me, totally not. I am just so grateful I was able to get some help with my achy self from a friend before I left, my knee was killing me as was my back and head from riding so long in the PT Cruiser - which despite its name was not actually made to be comfortable for cruising - infact it more closely resembles torture for someone of my size. Chrysler definitely lost any future customer in me, lol I'd probably see the symble and run just from the memory.
haha, the one problem with writing at 1:30am is that I can't think. I am sitting here staring at the page with my brain going blank, it seems to want to shut off and I can't get it too agree to stay running for a bit longer. Ah, well - I think it wins. I am turning it off for the night, and the remainder of my vigilance at the door.

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