Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankfully little one fell alseep early today. Heaven knows she deserved it. After running around and creating havoc all day I go downstairs to eat leaving her in the care of her father. 20mins later he is leaving her outside of the bathroom door telling me she is wet and goes back upstairs. I had heard this of course because brother in law came home and found her, and loudly told Aaron what he found. Turns out the sneaky little sweetheart had been so quiet playing in the dogs water dish, and re-arranging the dog crates that Aaron thought I must have taken her downstairs with me. The funny part of the story is that she knocks on the bathroom door several times and several times I say "hi sweetheart", so the last time she knocks she knocks and then says "hi sweatwhat" So cute, she tried so heard to mimic sweetheart and got pretty close :) It made my entire day! She is getting into the stage where she is too confident in her movements and bonking her head allot, which is what prompted the early bedtime in part. After giving her head a real good knock she curled up in my arms for comfort and nursed, only to get tired and fall asleep doing so. I had checked her for concussions so no problem there, and it was late enough, 9:30 and she was going going going up until she hit her head. It was cute what she was trying to do when she did it. She was running with a couch pillow clutched to her chest (perfect size as it covers her chest down to mid calf) and then fell onto it (purposely of course for the fun of running and falling onto a pillow, can't say I haven't been guilty of it), but the tragedy came when she fell too close to the couch and hit her head on the solid wood frame of the couch. We got a bit of time at home as just a family while brother in law was at school and inlaws where out looking at cars, so naturally I start a tickle war with Aaron. Ellowyn laughed with me the whole time, but only when I got tickled never when she got tickled :) After this all dies down we end up in the computer room and I was tired and slouching comfortably leaving my stomach exposed when Ellowyn walks up to me and wants to be held, so I pick her up and she then proceeds to blow raspberries on my stomach!! She did it and I laughed so hard that she had to stop mid breath and look up at me smiling and laughing with me. The best part is her little dimples and belly laugh. She continued to blow raspberries on my stomach until Aaron picked her up and blew one on her to "show her how its done", sadly she then lost interest and went toddling out of the room. I don't know what is sweeter - her calling me sweetheart, or falling asleep in my arms while nursing and cuddling, or blowing raspberries on me. I am completely convinced now that I have the rights to one of (if not the) the cutest sweetest little angel in the world.

Another bright spot came to my day when someone emailed me a job posting for holiday help working from home answering calls for Harry and David's (a expensive fruit gift service). I have the qualifications, as I worked a call center job from home while on bed rest with Ellowyn, so I am pretty hopeful that I get it. It would be soooo nice. $9 a hour, but at home so I can watch over whoever is watching Ellowyn and take my breaks snuggling her. It would really help our budget as Aaron hasn't been working enough and we can't stop bills like car insurance from coming. Hopefully it works out that Aaron is the one that gets a job soon, but I would be glad to work in the mean time to make it easier to wait. He had a job that he was referred to by someone from church that he qualifies for, so I have some hope that he may get a interview. Reminds me of "Fun with Dick and Jane", in that he hasn't even been getting interviews and there is no guarantee anymore. Although I would never take to petty crime like they did, I would hope if I ever did in another life it would be done as stylishly as them.

Aaron is almost done with his Thesis!!!! Yay!!!! Cursed Kettering is about to relinquish its hold on my husband and leave him a free man!!!! *does happy dance* Just have to hear back from a prof man to get final approval, and then once he's finished a 10page paper (has 5 pages left) then he will be done with school for the first time in nearly 20years!! Then it is my turn to go back to school for the first time in 6 years, lol. I just hope Aaron gets a job that justifies him taking a few years off of school while he gets work experience. Work experience seems to be the key anymore as I seem to have a easier time being qualified for positions due to my years of experience, while he always falls a bit short. Either way I feel it totally calls for a brownie ice cream sundae party tomorrow. Totally justified.

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