Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Long time no write. No dear blog I wasn't ignoring you, or giving up on you. I was simply losing my battle to stay awake long enough to write, and Ellowyn decided to cut her nap time to too short to let me sneak onto the computer. Tonight I prevailed!! Yay for victory. Today was actually a pretty good day all in all. I spend most of it out of the inlaws, and scored some amazing deals at a children's re-sale shop I hadn't been too. Amidst that, the dumb PT Cruiser continuing to break down (I have had to repair that car more times then any other car I have owned or driven consistently and they where all about 10yrs plus older then the PT), and my dear husband having fully swinged to the other side of the personality spectrum, well I should say besides these things and amidst them I have had a relatively normal week.
So, whats on my mind tonight? Kettering University and the effects that it has on its students. Seriously I think that there should be social experiments done at that school just so there can be a greater good that comes out of it besides a degree one could have achieved elsewhere. I want to know who does their ad campaigns so I can hire them whenever I have a place that I want to succeed that by all reason shouldn't. I mean seriously! The fact that they #1 are in the second most dangerous city in the United States #2 offer little on campus housing #3 no interscholastic college sports teams #4 limited degree and class options #5 freakin expensive #6 in crappy (literally look like poop coated crumbling from waste buildings) looking campus buildings #7 have students get mugged regularly because they stray from said buildings #8 their credits do not transfer anywhere so your stuck or lose everything you've paid for #9 has way bad reviews on rate your professor, as well as off campus housing sites #10 the graduates are reported having a hard time finding work because no one recognizes the school name (from what they said at a graduate luau) - this my top 10 list makes me wonder that they are still in business and get enough new students coming in too stay in business. I mean the location should be enough alone for students to not what to spend 5 years there getting a degree, but the anomalies that all these facts create in the students interactions and psychology are amazing. I think this just goes to show that Aaron is a amazing guy because the fact that I was still attracted to him despite having to drive to Flint to date him. Not to say that Flint is a horrible town, or can't recover, the problem with Flint is that its a small town and proportionally tiny compared to the other most dangerous cities which means that unlike Detroit there is no staying away from the questionable parts easily. When I went to the courthouse for the first time it was to file a dba so I could do LiveOps (a work from home opportunity) the officer working the metal detector asked what I was doing in a place like this, I explained and he looked at me and asked if I realized where I was, and I was like "yeah Flint" and he said "I feel bad for you ma'am, (looked at what I was wearing - a white Columbia sports wear coat jeans and sneakers) good luck surviving this town, I hope you do" I asked, do you mean good luck not dying or having something happen to me, he just nodded. Wow I thought, welcome to Flint, home of Kettering University, what a awesome introduction to this town. I am grateful to report that due to my diligent guardian angle (I had a few scary incidents) and my street smarts I did just fine during the short stay in city and quickly moved out and stopped going back, not even to visit Aaron at school or bring food. So, I ask, why in the hell do people still sign up to go to that school, and if cigarettes cause cancer and they have graphic warning labels, and even coffee cups have to tell you what could happen - why oh why don't schools like Kettering have to have the same? It could say "A place that thinks like you think - warning you may get mugged if you stray off campus or go outside after a certain hour - warning students do sometimes commit suicide here - warning you will suffer vandalism at some point although most likely small if you are smart. Apply today!"
Sighs. Little one is growing more darling each day. She said a new word tonight. I find it funny because here we have been coaxing her to say different things and yet out of the blue she says in response to Grandma's "night night later" (what she says every night) with "later". Lol, so true. She has been such a busy body.
Sorry dear blog it looks like I have to cut you short today, its already late enough and the darling doesn't sleep well yet.

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