Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sadly today a true tragedy occurred. You see after having a bad headache and bloating due to finding out the hard way that Digorno pizza's have too much sodium in them for my taste I went to find true comfort in a home made chocolate milkshake - my one true comfort in times like this. After getting all the ice cream scooped out and my heart and mind set on this wonderful treat, I couldn't find the chocolate sauce. I searched high and low, and then even was in the trash can. No Aaron didn't play some cruel joke and put it there. It was Ellowyn. I know like how can a one year old get into the fridge, well this is where it becomes partially my fault. When I need to pee in peace or am worried that someone is going to come downstairs while I am peeing with the bathroom door open, or am otherwise needing a moment to finish something I let Ellowyn have a extra moment of playing in the refrigerator while I quickly finish my business. Well, one of those times I thought I might have heard a plop into the trash can and quickly dismissed it for footsteps upstairs, sadly here ended the short life of my chocolate sauce. This wasn't just any chocolate sauce it was the Trader Joe's Organic Midnight Moo, the best tasting closest to real sauce I have ever tasted due to just being chocolate sugar and cream. Sighs. Aaron got on my case for considering it a tragety when real people die every day and sometimes in mass. I just had to point out that I have no emotional connection to these people and I do have emotional connection to my chocolate sauce due to my longing for it, and therefore I didn't see his point. Shallow? I think not, you see I used to care and be sad when bad things happened and I saw it on the news, but then it started taking up way to much energy and causing me to have this constant dismal view of the world due to all the bad that happens. So, now I just say - too bad it sucks to be you - or me whoever the real tragety is happening too (yes I have also said that about personal losses), and now save my emotions for controllable losses like chocolate sauce (its always easy to get back and never turns its back on you). Life is soo much easier this way. Laugh if you must, I find it true.

Other then that today was a pretty good day. Met some cool people at church and had Ellowyn take herself off my hands playing with the people and children at church. Then we finished out the evening with a epic movie - Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. For Christmas I will have to rent that from the library and inform Aaron that his present to me - if he so chooses to give it - is the time to read the book. As of now I have no such time. Keeping this place spotless with Ellowyn running around like crazy takes all the time that I have. I think that might actually be the best Christmas gift I have gotten.

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