Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thankfully Ellowyn went down very easily, she ate while trying to put on her shoe (her latest endeavor of co-ordination now that she mastered unscrewing the doorknobs of the china cabinets - did I mention she is only 14months old?), and then wanted to nurse and fell asleep pretty much right away.

So, back to what I was saying about obsessions. I feel enriched by having something I am driven to do. I would normally gain a skill or better one I already have (playing the piano, making new clothes out of old ones, or learning the violin), but those require money. I don't have a piano, can't afford to fix my violin or get lessons, and can't afford a sewing machine. So instead I try and learn something. I feel very good about how to raise a family now that I am through the first season of 17 and counting, so that obsession has died down especially with my tv time being limited. So, designing my future house is something I feel is useful, exciting, and the fact that it will help us when we build it is pretty awesome. Once I have the design down more I am going to learn more about how to actually build them, figure out where to get the discounted materials (besides habitat for humanity stores), price it out, and then build a time-line for project completion based off of a estimate of Aaron's salary once he gets work. This became much more exciting after I found out that he got a interview!!!!!! So, as you can see its a good application of my brain and skills I wouldn't use otherwise if I didn't plan and re-plan life and learn about whatever strikes my fancy. This has saved me allot of money as it is how I learned to make soap, found out about community supported agriculture (csa), found a good csa to subscribe too, found the best tools for finding Aaron a job, found out how to remake clothes from goodwill to look like new, narrowed down my degree options, found a school that I could take classes for said degree options online, figured out how to pay for said school, and many many more things. I wonder if Aaron spent more time like I do and less time gaming if we would turn into this amazing super efficient unstoppable couple, or if we would be so nuts that we would drive each other over the brink of insanity. Probably brink of insanity.

Other good news, I finally got a number for a funeral director who is willing to talk to me! I am anxious and nervous as its his cell phone and he sounds really happy to answer all of my questions. I keep telling myself that I can do this! I haven't been able to go to school for a long time and last time I was there I had to drop out of two semesters in a row due to health, so its a big thing to go back. I think I have picked the right field though, to becoming a mortician. Ultimately only time will tell though.

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