Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Many good things happened today! Finally!!! Aaron turned in his thesis!!!!! YAAAAAYYYY! He also made good progress on his 10 page paper that he has to get finished for a incomplete and should have it done by Friday!!!! YAAAAAAAYYY! This will be the end of Kettering University for us! Woot woot! I really don't like that school, incase you missed my post on why it sucks soooo bad. I couldn't come up with a worse school in this country even if I tried to make one up as far as what its like to go there or live with someone who does.

I spend my day chasing around a sick little baby who would keep moving until she crashed, if she slowed down she would start to have a hard time breathing because she is way congested poor thing. Didn't let me sleep much last night because she kept waking due to having so much stuff running down the back of her throat. So, I don't really have anything interesting to report. She did do something terribly funny though. We tried to put her down for her nap in Aaron's old room upstairs after Aaron cleared a path and the bed (it is now a storage room), and we found some monkeys on the bed, the kind that have velcro on the hands and really long limbs so they can latch on. There was a big one and a baby one. Aaron put the little one on her arm and I told her a monkey had her, she then started making monkey noises! I haven't played with her and a monkey in a while and so I am surprised she recognized the word, it was only for a few days we played with one and it looked way different then what was now on her arm. So, we put the big on around her waist and she starts jumping around (well bouncing she can't jump but it is really close to jumping) the bed making monkey noises. Aaron starts making some really high pitched and funny and she starts mimicking him! She then gets off the bed (with help), and runs out of the room with a monkey attached to her waist (she had to run with wide legs because the monkeys legs/feet where dragging in-between hers) making shrieking monkey noises that would die down into lower ooo ooo ooooos. She then heard Grandma get home and starts going down the stairs (monkey still attached). We take her down and she runs up to her Grandma and starts flirting, all shy and smiling (monkeys still attached), Grandma asks her "Is that a monkey around your waist", Ellowyn just smiles and starts cutely walking away when Aaron made a ooo oo noise. She then starts making oooo ooo monkey noises in the kitchen and proceeds to run out (I stopper her and moved the monkey to her shoulders with the baby attached to the big one this entire time), and runs around the house with her monkey cape making monkey noises. She is a little 2ft 4in blue eyed doll running around making monkey noises with a monkey cape! The world almost stopped spinning due to her cuteness!

Other then that I spent nap time and any time I could get Grandma or Aaron to take her researching the company Aaron is interviewing with (didn't want him to have to switch tracks from his paper or take time from it), the city its in, and any other information that could help him. Trying to get a feel for the city, the culture, the company, cost of living, what their interviews are like, and what the pay is. So far so good! Aaron meets their requirements and has experience working for one of their customers with their software. Hopefully all will go well. Thankfully it gave me a few ideas of where to apply. Tomorrow will be spend finding and applying for jobs at any major computer, software company, hospital software company, and local hospital IT departments. Wish me luck, and send mojo our way! I need out of this basement!!!

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