Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thank goodness Christmas is over!!! YAY!!! PARTY PARTY PARTY!!! I am totally celebrating all of the obnoixous holidays being over. Thanksgiving and Christmas are not coming again for nearly a year! Woot! The best part? I didn't throw anyone through a window yesterday! The day did not get better though as once I did venture upstairs it only ended in a bunch of food that made me feel sick (way too much meat and sugar, no potatoes, bread, and most of the veggies off the one veggie tray where gone), and losing three games of euchre in a row, after winning two though. Top that off with terrible cramping and pains from my midsection, gotta love being a girl, and it definetly wasn't a Merry Christmas.

I am just grateful to be done with those holidays. New Years is much more of a real holiday I think. Why you ask? Because you actually spend it with people you like and get to do what ever the hell you want. Now that is a reason to celebrate and a good way to do it. Personally I don't like the drunk butts but I do like to sit on the couch while everyone else is gone doing whatever they feel and watch comedies. That way if the year sucked it still goes out with a laugh. I eat pizza or whatever sounds good. Normally I start out with a good movie and end with a good laugh. Last year I just went to bed because I had a new baby, but the year before that started out with Maid in Manhattan and ended with a Who's Line Is it Anyways marathon. Let the good times roll.

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