Saturday, December 25, 2010

Omgoodness. I think I am going to puke back up all this Christmas cheer and fake caring crap. Seriously. If they don't give a shit during the year what makes you think they care just because they show up to eat the food on Christmas? I am especially bitter today yes. Why? Well for Christmas I got in my stocking a lacey little pair of panties from my Mother in law, with no warning to not open infront of everyone. The creepiest thing about it is that it was ordered, not just something she picked up from the store. I mean ew doesn't even cover it. Aaron's only comment was 'She must want more grandchildren". Then Aaron's Aunt Debbie came over bringing German Chocolate Cake Pie - which they know I am deathly allergic to coconut, and yes they plan on eating it, not cleaning up the dishes, and excluding me from Christmas. They don't believe that if I smell it I will go into anaphaletic shock because I don't have a doctors note to show them. So I am left with the delema, do I leave Ellowyn here while I go shopping, do I go shopping by myself, or do I freeze my ass of in the basement in the hopes that they will clean up all the coconut after they are done eating the pie? Seriously I just want to leave with Ellowyn. Aaron won't guarentee that he will make sure she is taken care of and her Grandma often forgets to change her diaper when she is busy, and they don't understand when she is asking for food. sighs. I hate the holidays and fake people. Fake people are my biggest pet peeve. I can't believe they even pretend to care and pretend like its ok just to tell me when they are going to have the pie so I can go downstairs until they are done, and like pretend that having the dishes laying around won't kill me. Last time they had it I had to go to the door to go upstairs and hold my breath while wearing something over my face while I rinsed them off myself, but that was two dishes in a sink, not the 15 that will be in the sink or the garbage by the time they are done. Really is it too much to ask to at least have a warm place to stay while they exclude me from the holidays? Apparently so. I just got back from visiting my brother and having a lovely three days filled with not having to ever watch my child, all the food I could eat with someone to play with her while I eat, and pleanty of movies to watch. Yet I came back here because it was the right thing to do. If only I had known fully what coming back entailed. I would have said "fuck you I'm staying where its warm and there is food have a nice life". At least now I know that I never have to come back to any family event and Aaron won't have anything he can argue against it. I hope they enjoy probably their last holiday with us. I just ask, can I throw someone through a window yet? If Danny hadn't convinced them I was lying because I don't have proof they would have had a greater chance of respecting me, so I only think its fair he goes first right?

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