Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another day chasing little one around the house. Literally chasing. She wanted to run and sing all day.

The job search for similar positions for Aaron turned up nothing, not a single thing unless we move to China or India and learn the language. Not happening in time for the job posts, lol. Good news is that he did well in the interview. Aaron was really excited afterward (a relief as he didn't want me to send in the application in the first place, I had to convince him that there would be no travel), he said that it sounded like his dream job at the perfect company and that he seemed like a perfect fit for the job with his experience. Wouldn't doubt it. They probably don't have many people apply that have worked installing there product as a customer. So, on to the test which he will ace and then onto the in face interview in Madison WI. Lol, I spoke to a friend and she is like 'thats sooo cold (the area), but at least you'll have money and be able to afford heat!', too true. I am way excited about the prospect for being able to afford to eat and be warm, especially the be warm part. I hate being cold and I am always cold here, sooo sooo cold.

Cute baby story. Ellowyn got excited when I started singing Old McDonald to her Dora bike that plays the music. So I asked her what a Doggy says (I had tried to get her to say it a few times with no luck, but didn't work too hard on it) and she says "ooof ooof" with soft f's almost couldn't hear them. So I ask "Ellowyn what does a monkey say?" "oooo ooooo" was her response! I clapped and cheered and she got the biggest smile! I tried to show Aaron but he had to coax her to do it, but when her Grandparents came home she lit up right on que and they where so surprised! We managed to get a few meows out of her too! Soooo cute! She was a happy girl today running around, and talking allot and signing allot! I hope to get a memory stick soon for my camera so I can take some videos. She just gets cuter and cuter and cuter.

So, Aaron having a good chance of getting the job led me to a different research topic today. Wedding bands. Yes he has one, no he won't wear it. I bought him a beautiful celtic woven titanium band with the eternity knot in gold inlaid on top. Its too wide and he only wore it for a couple semesters and then it was spotty at best. It made me so mad! He hates the wide band, makes his finger uncomfortable and the water gets under it and gives him a rash. We obviously can't have him only wearing a ring sometimes at a new job. I absolutely loved spending my night looked at jewelry and ring shopping! I am so happy to be able to give him a ring that he will love and is unique. Lucky for me I found the perfect ring, its 2mm wide with a flat band and frosted finish - titanium just like the original. It totally says "Aaron". I can't wait to get it and be able to present him with a ring that he will be able to proudly wear as a symbol of our love. I am going to plan a special way to give it too him, can't just hand it over. I think I will write a poem and maybe get down on one knee. :) It will be so wonderful.

You know with how fast Ellowyn picks up on things I show her, and realizing how many words she recognizes. She must think I am really dumb or slow to keep going over things as much as I do. Today she made a point to tell me she understood something. I don't remember how, I think I was trying to explain how to stir something and saying it over and over and she this offended little look and I thought she was hurt so I let her lean over - she grabs a spatula and makes the motion looking at me like "duh".

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