Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ok, so now that I had my own little pity party earlier (well deserved in my opinion). I decided that its ok that we don't move now. I could hold out a little while longer, as long as it means I get to move someplace warm. Like California, there are allot of jobs for Aaron there, Oregon some there too. I can deal with a little longer if I get some sun. I realized that I would rather spend a few more weeks or months there if it means a few months or years in a warmer climate, which its colder in the places he got offers....yeah, me grew up in Michigan, me done with the climate - check please! I should have put in too go to Hawaii as a flight attendant, totally should have. I would have gotten it, or I could have held out a couple more months living in the basement of O'Hera in Chicago - although I may have ended up in the hospital it would have landed me a spot in AZ. Then again I could have taken that offer to stay with Lee in AZ and not had to work, oh that mansion calls my name sometimes in my dreams way back in the memories. Well, we all make the life decisions we do for a reason. I have had allot of different paths offered to me. I could have been a dr's wife in the navy, I could have lived in AZ in my own mansion with Lee (dashing, good looking, and loaded), I could have lived in my own house and traveled whenever I wanted too with Tom (well off, great personality and good looking), I could have been a flight attendant in Hawaii, or I could have stayed single and kept my apartment in Lansing and been running my own apartment complex by now just finishing my associates degree. What of all these glamorous options did I chose? None, not a one. I chose love when I found my soul mate, threw my lot in with a dirt poor college boy come what may. Its been beautiful but the beauty has mostly lain in the tragedies we have overcome and the strength our love has gained in overcoming them. I just hope that I find beauty in more then the strength and my child soon. Maybe I was right in choosing this path, maybe I was wrong, but one thing is for sure I have lived with no regrets. I have flown the skies, basked in Hawaii, met some of the most amazing people, had my own place, and much more. I came out of it all with a killer resume just waiting to be utilized, a beautiful daughter and a gorgeous husband. Now if I could only live in a warm place, or at lease be warm for most of the time, lol, a bathtub would be nice too.

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