Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What a day. Ellowyn is into even more stuff then before as she is helping herself to the cupboards with magnetic closers that she can now open, and unplugging power strips, and getting into everything she normally would. She is also still clutsy enough today to continue to trip and also drop stuff on her foot. I couldn't do anything today except for chase after her. The basement has gotten so cold that she didn't let go of me during nap time because she couldn't keep her face warm without sticking it in my chest. I have spent four hours of my day laying down staring at the ceiling so she could sleep. 1hr for nap time and another three for bedtime waiting for the room to warm up. Found out that it gets to 80 degrees in there around 3am if we keep the door shut and if we don't then it waits until closer to 5am to peak at 80 degrees. Did I mention that I really dislike sleeping in one tiny room with three people and a dog in a basement? Sighs. Ellowyn still hasn't stopped being congested with purple rings around her eyes, and stuff always pouring down her throat, still waking up coughing in the middle of the night. I wish I could afford to take her to a dr. I wish medicaid didn't take so long to get approved. I wish allot of things.

I am so tired. I got online to relax only to find out that Aaron's ring is being delivered tomorrow. I am now nervous and a bit excited. More nervous. I haven't had the brain power to write the poem, and I am so hoping he doesn't get on my case for it. We haven't heard back from anyone yet for the next steps so he may think I jumped the gun getting it now, but I took it out of the money from selling my ipod so he shouldn't. I am so self conscious here. I never used to give a damn about what people thought, but being so secluded from people I know and being constantly judged by the ones I am around is starting to get to me, or maybe its just the lack of sleep. I really don't know. I really just hope my better situation comes soon. Heaven knows I been through enough in my life.

Aaron's coming, got to go before he reads about his ring. World of Warcraft has kept his attention off me enough so far but don't want to push my luck.

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