Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sighs. So nice to be able to write while I am still somewhat awake, lol. Ellowyn is upstairs playing with her Grandparents after getting a bath from her Grandma, and Aaron is done with his thesis so the comp upstairs is free. I am so stinkin glad that his thesis is done, as long as there aren't any mistakes. His professor has access to it either way and said he would go over it and give the approval. I don't know what I am going to do when it shows as approved honestly. I have thought about it allot. At first I thought it wouldn't be such a big deal because we have allot of debt still, but then today we sat down and figured out what to pay first and how much to pay second if we get some cash in. So, now no debt to worry about either because its all on its way to being paid. The money we got for Christmas took a big chunk out of it, so no worries there. Now we have no real stress then (because I don't stress about stuff we can't control, so not paying anything more off doesn't stress me because I can't control it), and a thesis that's about to be approved. I think I might go crazy. I know I will find Aaron, don't know if I will be able to speak, probably won't be able to speak, yeah he will think I am crazy. Maybe I will have to plan on checking it on my netbook so I can take it too him and point since I probably won't be able to speak, yeah that is probably the best plan. I wonder how he is going to react, it shall be fun.

I read my horoscope for 2011 today. Isn't it funny that it sounds like horror-scope? That is what it has been in the past, but Taurus for 2011 is looking good. I certainly hope the blown out of proportion claims for money and career work out, haha wouldn't that be nice. I don't put much weight on them, as I haven't been able to fully understand them despite my research, so for now I just find them to be curiosities. Normally I find that a truth will mix in with other truths and they will all blend into a bigger truth, and most big truths I find re-occur in different ways amongst most world religions or cultures. This is mainly how I focus my belief's. I understand psychic gifts and how they play, I do believe in a after life, I have found that humans are capable of more then they realize and some are better at figuring this out then others, but horoscopes...they don't fit yet. One of these years I will figure it out.

Quick cute baby story. I was unloading the dishwasher while Ellowyn was playing with all of her new toys in the front room (or so I thought). She starts to jabber and I realize that she is repeating the same jabber, so I move closer and find that she has been repeating uh oh. Her mouth is scrunched into the little o she makes when she says it, eyes wide, and a Christmas ornament in her hand. I look behind her and realize that she has torn the garland off of the bottom half of the tree. It was so cute I called Aaron over. Imagine this little 2' 4' cute girl standing near the Christmas tree repeating Uh Oh until I come and fix what she has torn down. We laughed so hard and then Aaron went and spoke to her about what she did while fixing it, and only then did she stop saying Uh Oh. :)

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