Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I feel like Ellowyn beat me up today. She didn't really we just had allot to get done on a little sleep. She definitely has reminded me that she is a little stinker. Today when Aaron got home he played with her for awhile, and so she kissed him twice once on the cheek once on the lips! Then she leaned into me with pursed lips like she was going to kiss me, I smiled and leaned in a bit only to have her get really close and then pull away laughing. Aaron got another kiss on the lips on the fly, and then two when saying goodnight along with a kiss on the cheek. All I got was teased more! Funny too because I took her to the resale shop and got her more toys today as they where having a nice special.

Good news is that Aaron got a call for a phone interview today! Yes! He got a rejection letter yesterday from the company that had promised to progress him onto the next step in the process, that being a test. I am happy that he has something else to look at. I just hope he does well when the guy calls him back tomorrow, off the cuff phone interviews never where his strong suite. Either way the job is still in MI while being pretty far south and still a few hours away, so I can't complain too much....

I wonder who will win Biggest Loser tonight. I don't follow it religiously but I do see it on occasion because they watch it. My bet is on Patrick.

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