Monday, December 13, 2010

Other then the early time the visit to the fictional fat man wasn't as bad as I feared, not too bad at all. They scheduled times instead of making one wait in line, so we only had to wait a hour for our time and got to wander during the hour. The bright side to the wandering was a way cute new pair of house slippers for Ellowyn and a singing dancing Frosty the snowman from Hallmark. She is so spoiled by her Grandma, but she is such a amazing kid she deserves it. Really she does. The pictures didn't come out half bad, there was allot of cool stuff to look at and I got a really yummy lunch to go with the deal. Not bad all in all.

Its funny because I am tired and its worsening my brain rot but the only reason for that is because I fell asleep while putting Ellowyn to bed at 7:30. I hope I can get it to start back up, as I need to post my cell phone on the plan trading websites in hopes of getting rid of it without dissconnect fee's. I have still gone without it though, can't find it lol. I don't mind it at all. Its really freeing to not have to answer to anyone and I pay attention to allot more not being distracted by it. I would check it here and again and call people to check on them whenever I was out and about or alone in the basement. Not having that is really nice. I still hear from them when they call Aaron's phone for me and I call them back when I get home and I normally get to talk to them for longer then normal because they have to make an effort to call me, which condenses a bunch of short calls into one long one, which feels good to the soul - long conversations always do for me. I have decided that I really like it. I just need to get a watch as it was annoying never knowing the time. I think I am going to get one of those awesome pocket watches they have and just attach it to the diaper bag or put it in my purse, never could stand the feeling of a watch on my wrist and I always lose them taking them off all the time. For right now I will use a little rubber watch Ellowyn got and just keep that in the diaper bag as part toy part watch. I think I will definetly get used to the no cell life. I think I have too because I don't have another phone I can put on my plan and I can't find the phone for the life of me (Ellowyn ran off with it one morning early while it was still on silent and I didn't realize fully until I woke up and saw it was gone and remembered her running off as if she had something, I can't find it). I do keep a phone on me mind you for emergency purposes, but it can only call 911. That way I am still safe since there are no pay phones but I can only use it if I have to call 911.

I will let you know how the cell phone getting rid of without fee goes. Right now they want $300 in line cancellations. I just posted on,, and We will see who gets me out the fastest, or if none of them work. I am so hoping to get rid of mine soon and my brothers closer to January. It would be a Merry Christmas indeed to be done with them without paying a fee. All I want for Christmas is more money either way! Don't we all.

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