Thursday, December 16, 2010

Please excuse my absense. ELlowyn is learning to fall asleep on her own so normally I am asleep before she is now liol. For a quick update though. We are a week and a half wihtout a phone and I find that I don't miss it. Ellowyn lost it on me and I haven't actually needed it for anything. The few calls I get come to Aaron's phone or the inlaws home phone and I find that I haven't actually needed my phone for anything. Its kind of nice to because it makes going anywhere feel more like a adventure :) Its always a trek into the unknown because I am so new to the area and don't have a phone. I have to plan shopping better, and drive more carefully, so all in all I find that I am a better person without it. Drive more carefully to not miss my turns, and plan shopping better to make sure that I have directions to all my stores and don't forget to get anything. I actually like it allot. Wouldn't like it if I didn't have a home phone, but I can always get one at our next place.
Aaron had a really positive interview, so who knows maybe our next place will be coming soon. I certainly hope it does.

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