Thursday, December 9, 2010

So, there was a upside to my exhaustion and grumpiness yesterday. Although we had a really bad night it led to Ellowyn going to bed early tonight and without much hassle. Thankgoodness. The child is into her terrific two's early and its not all that fun. Put that in with me going completely stir crazy from being in limbo for coming up on 3 months and its not a pretty sight. Being called stupid by my Mother in law also doesn't help, these people are starting to get too me.

On the bright side giving Aaron his ring didn't go as bad as I feared but more comical then I expected. He put us nose to nose while I recited a poem I was coming up with on the fly (sounded really good actually) and tried to lick my chin without my noticing, didn't work to well. Then when he saw it he asked how much it cost, was content with its low price and then asked why I got him a washer and what it was made out of. Once he found it was titanium and was reminded that he picked it out he stopped being silly. It helped when we shined a light on it as the lighting in the computer room is horrible, but that is where he spends all his time and it was easier for me to kneel without it being horribly obvious. All in all I don't really care anymore what he thinks as it makes me happy to see him always wearing the ring without complaint. I didn't realize how much it bugged me until I found how happy it made me to see him wearing one finally.

On the bright side of the phone problem we found a couple of websites where we can offer to pay people to take over our contract. This is really awesome because it gives me the ability to keep my brother in a phone for another month for the chance of being able to save allot on the disconnect fee's. As for my phone I don't care about it. I haven't know its whereabouts in a couple of days now and I don't care to spend the time to find it. So, pretty much my phone just chills wherever it is probably for forever, or at until someone finds it for me. Yeah, that's how much I care about it - not at all.

I think my brain is starting to rot from being in limbo with nothing to think about or do for so long and the lack of sleep. I wonder if that's possible.

To stop from going crazy I spent more time thinking about what kind of tiny house I would build. I came up with a couple of links for starter templates:

Love the windows in the above

Kinda gives you an idea of how it all can come together although I want mine more open.

I was also thinking of doing a stuco exterior look and making it look like one of those pictures of a Irish countryside cottage with the little window boxes and ivy growing up the side like the picture in this article: That would be another way of making it feel cozy without looking or feeling cramped. I have always wanted a cottage in a glen and the thought of incorporating the windows and the cottage with a nice loft for the beds sounds dreamy. After actually looking at all this Aaron thinks I am less crazy :). I still think paying with cash for everything is the way to go and this would be a good way to get a beautiful little starter home brand new to my specifications for cash :) Thoughts anyone?

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