Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yesterday was busy but a big improvement. I started out the day taking some Kohls cash and getting my daughter two adorable outfits!! I was supposed to spend it on myself but I get more joy out of actually being able to pick out her clothes then I would have out of getting something small for myself ($40 doesn't go along way at Kohls in clothes that are actually stylish). After that I had to bring her back, play, put down for her nap, and then head out to the bank/Krogers. By the time I got back from that it was time to go out to dinner for my Mother in laws birthday. I thought I was going to have a stress attack until I started eating. It was bad enough having to drop Ellowyn at a sitters and run after not getting much time with her that day, but to get there late and having had no time to myself either - ugh. The food totally made up for it. It was arguably the best chicken mash patato salad thing I have had and the dessert only helped. Good thing too because I am basically out of food at home and what little I had left went to Ellowyn.

On a good note the trouble with my phone is finally settled. We had left it on trying to find someone to take over the contract, but the bill was coming due again and we had no takers. They where about to shut us off for non-payment again, so I called them and explained that I have no money and none coming in. It ended up being that my contract is suspended for three months, or until I can afford it, or until someone does actually take over the contract. I feel so free not having a phone. The bill was killing me and I found that I just don't like feeling obligated to always pick it up, or check to see if I missed a call. Once my internet and txt'ing where off the thing it became useless, and I didn't really need those anyways. I just hope we find someone to take over the plan soon. I would much rather be done with it totally then to have to face the 13months left on the contract in another three months. People think I am crazy for not having a phone (my inlaws mainly, but I think they are a little off anyways), and I think they are crazy for wanting to have a phone. Either way I am glad that it finally worked out for me to not have to pay a arm and a leg for something that isn't necessary.

On another bright note Aaron has a interview with the boss' boss at this place he went to last week. This time I get to go with him and look at housing so we have something if they offer him the job. I am excited. I love looking at housing, even if we don't end up getting the job it will have been like a little vacation getting to spend the day touring a nice little town I haven't been too before.

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