Monday, December 6, 2010

I have a moment while little one checks on her downstairs kingdom and is assured that all is well before bed. Seriously she will be falling asleep all over me and the minute we head downstairs she comes alive and starts running around and playing with different things, never for long, very short attention span of course. Aaron had a random phone interview on the fly today for a hospital in NH and another recruiter email. I am starting to think that maybe I did right in all my job searching, and most likely its because his career doesn't have just one title that the recruiters are out in force. I can't just search for a sales job for example, or customer service because a Industrial Engineer with a backround in electronic medical records has so many different jobs they can do and each company makes there own title. Makes it nice for me, after updating his Monster more we should be set.

I had another awesome end of the world dream last night. This time it happened when I was 17. With how cool these dreams end up I wonder if I am just really don't care deep down inside about civilization and human life or if its my deep belief in a better life after this (with this life flying by as fast as it does) showing through. I would like to think the latter. This time a plague killed most of mankind and I caught wind of it before catching it (though I had to watch my friend die from a distance and all my family died) and headed out to the woods gathering supplies as I went. I emerged from the woods 2.5 years later, about 6months after I saw the last army chopper overhead (they where over clean up). Anyways, little one wants to go to bed. Will have to write more later tonight or tomorrow.

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