Friday, December 31, 2010

I thought the video I posted was just beautifully done. Truly a work of art, although I wish it had a happy ending.

I spent the first part of the night playing with Ellowyn and then chasing the dog while holding her. It did my heart good to hear her laugh and laugh and laugh until she couldn't breath and then shriek from the joy of it all. I the beat Aaron's family at every game we played :). First Aaron and I won by allot in two games of Eukre (first playing a brother and Mother and then brother and Father), and then we had the two highest scores in Yatzee too. Felt really good to have the year go out on a winning streak. I had let her Grandparents play with her while we played cards and both parties loved that. I put her too bed during Yatzee and then after she was asleep (and I had played my hand) I pulled Aaron downstairs and we where able to spend the last 15min of the year together and ring in the New Year with just the two of us. It was definitely the best holiday of the year (not counting my b-day as that isn't celebrated by everyone).

I feel really good ending and starting the year on such a good note. I hope it can be a shadow of the year too come, that Aaron and I can keep on winning through the year and continue to be able to enjoy blissful joyful time together. He has been a different man since he finished his thesis and turned it in, we have been able to tease laugh like we had before we married. What a wonderful note to start a new year on. I feel like it is the first real year for us since there are so many new beginnings to be and for the first time we are not tethered to one area for school.

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