Sunday, December 5, 2010

Yesterday was a busy busy day. We went to a Christmas party that was a hr away. We woke up late so all in all we where gone for like 6hrs, getting home around 5:50pm. I don't even know where the day went. We got home snacked a bit, watched a movie, snuggled, showered, and then it was like midnight and we overshot bedtime by a few hours. Crazy crazy night. I am so tired. Even been so tired that you can't think straight, feel faint, and wonder when you are just going to fall over and cease to function? Well that is how tired I feel. Too bad the housekeeper comes tomorrow, grumble grumble, I have to get the basement looking all perfect before then so she can wipe down the surfaces and vacuum. I would rather vacuum myself and leave the already clean surfaces alone in exchange for being able to keep things comfortably lived in, instead of killing myself to keep it spotless. Sighs. I guess I am just grumpy because upon further research it looks like neither of the job opportunities Aaron has to pursue are good for him. I was so hoping to be out of here. I really got my hopes up too high. Can't help it, its so hard here. No one likes me, everyone thinks I am a slob and I am the only outsider living here. It is lonely and depressing before we get into the fact that we can't sleep because the basement is so damn cold and the air quality so horrible. I run my air filter all day long and it gets better but not great. Ellowyn is still congested with dry skin, and keeps coughing which keeps all of us from sleeping. The poor dear. I remember posting about just wanting a bathtub to bathe her in, now all I want is a healthy environment to raise her in.

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