Sunday, December 12, 2010

Well I survived yesterday! Yay for me and congrats to Aaron, haha. Seriously thought graudation that starts at 8:30 am for the breakfast farewell and then having to have the graduates there by 10:30, and its a hour away, oh and did I mention its Saturday!! yeesh. The worst part was waking Ellowyn up at 7:30am so we could get ready and out the door by 8:30 and there by 9:45 so he could see people. We then had to keep her up until 1pm due to graduation starting at 11am (which is also when she wanted to go down for her nap so she didn't get to go down for one before). Needless to say I got to pace with a fussy child from 11 until 1:30 when pictures where over and we could leave. Thankfully it means Aaron is almost done. Just has to finish his thesis and then a bachelors degree will be his.

On the bright side we still made it to church this morning, despite not getting to bed until 11pm last night due to the celebrations that commenced after graduation, and the best part is that I didn't fall asleep while playing the piano and singing (at the same time) during the Christmas program. If it wasn't for that and signing in the choir I would have slept in, lol. It does have its perks the little one is already asleep (yay for time to myself) and hopefully sleeps well tonight as we get to leave at 9:30am to go get pictures with Santa (shoot me now). No that wasn't my idea. I couldn't care less about pictures with a fictitious fat man, and even if I did the thought of a mall filled with young children waiting to get pictures with said fictional character would be enough to detour me, lol. I honestly think the whole idea is pretty dumb (yes my child will know that Santa is make believe and is just a symbol of Christmas and the spirit of giving). You may say different but I never did care for the holidays. Now if I can survive that maybe I can sleep in on Tuesday. Thankfully little one likes to sleep in too :) She will wake up but just lounge in bed for awhile until she gets up and chases her doggy while I get to lay there all warm in my covers half sleeping :) She is just too cute.

On the other bright side Ellowyn is doing very well with sleep training. Hopefully she does as well with potty training as soon as I can get her a little potty chair. She has a seat but is too short to climb up even with a stool so its not working well yet.

Haha sorry I'm not very entertaining, I have brain rot. Hopefully tomorrow will be better as I may have actually gotten sleep. Maybe we will have good news before Christmas, I freakin hope so. Either way once Aaron is done with his thesis while he looks for work he is going to take advantage of a local business incubator and see what he can't do with a business plan he has written. That is the beautiful thing about this country, that because the economy is bad our fellow Americans are stepping in and offering their time, money (in building the centers), and expertise to help others get a business going. It makes my heart glad that there is so much help for people like us, young full of ambition wanting to make a mark on the world, who can't find work that there is still something we will be able to apply ourselves too so we can better ourselves. I am proud to be a American, not because of our leaders and the decisions they make, but because of the good people of this land.

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