Friday, December 3, 2010

Long long day. Due to Aaron and Ellowyn's combined effort I only got 4hrs of sleep last night, well really this morning. Finally got to sleep at 7am and Ellowyn woke up at 11am....yeah. I can't think straight. However good news. Aaron got another letter from a recruiter. This time from Thomson Reuters for a Healthcare Analyst. They have positions in this state and Cambridge MA. Totally nice that he should have some options. Funny how I couldn't find the opening but they found us. I took Ellowyn to a Night In Bethlahem and she was adorable. They had a professional choir sing while we waited for our tour to start, then we saw the shepards and they told their stories, then the wisemen, the inn keeper, and finally Mary and Joseph. This was all done in different rooms as we progressed past each person with a guide and all the state sets and costumes where way well done. The cute part was her making faces at people behind us during the choir show and dancing to the faster songs (people we happened to know from Grand Blanc came and she was excited to have an audience). Then when it came time for the manger she kept trying as hard as she could to get past me to see baby Jesus (a real live newborn, maybe a few months old max). It was too cute. I finally ended up holding her shirt while she kept trying to walk forward slipping on the straw until she was practically moon walking. Everyone thought she was adorable and I was glad when it was time for the cookies and I could let her roam a bit. We headed to Trader Joes after-wards and she was soo happy to show the friends we took how well she could push her little cart. Thank goodness she is cute, I don't know what I would do days like today if she wasn't.

Its off to bed for me. I am trying to get us on a earlier schedule so we make it to Aaron's graduation next Saturday, and maybe I can get enough sleep to be able to think well enough to plan Aaron's surprise.

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