Monday, December 20, 2010

Ellowyn is getting cuter and cuter and into more and more trouble everyday. Today she decided to show off her newest skill of using her new height, crafty reaching, and tip toes to get things off of tables. She had been practicing this for a few nights now and today decided to share brother in laws leftovers with the dogs, I am so proud. We went to a Christmas party which was ok, but we got a $50 gift certificate to Trader Joes!!! I feel like it should be bad to be so like whatever for the party full of drunk relatives of Aaron and there kids, even though Ellowyn was in her best show-woman form, and to only get excited or happy over money for food. Ah well, it is what it is and money for food is freakin exciting! Especially Trader Joes food, that will buy me a month of Trader Joes essentials. Which when Aaron gets work that will come in great handy as there aren't many Trader Joes in this area. I will be taking out cart fulls when we find one to visit. It will be worth the drive. I am totally in love with Trader Joes btw.

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