Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It took forever for Ellowyn to decide to take her nap today! I was hoping to nap with her but I just found this person on facebook that scarred a large portion of my life and am anxiously reading status updates. I did find that karma is a bitch and definitely gave this guy what he deserved, but its honestly almost hard to read, not sure why.

On the bright side Aaron is almost done with his thesis. He spoke with his professor who told him that after he finished making the changes he was working on he would have a pass grade! Yay! I am way excited for it. Definitely looking forward to it being done today and having time with him for once in our marriage. This will be the first time he won't have to be extremely stressed about work and school. Sadly no work means no money but he has three interviews next week so maybe that won't last long. Either way its a win win him being done with school because just having to work is way easier then work and school, so he will be allot happier. I was at first having a mid twenties crises but I am settling into settling down and am starting to look forward to new adventures of house hunting, decorating, keeping, babies, ect. Even if that means that my dreams of traveling allot again won't happen right now I now they will happen. It should be fun playing house for real...right? lol

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